Ordre des sage-femmes du Québec

Graduates From France

Midwives who graduated in France may take advantage of the mutual recognition arrangement (MRA) between France and Québec in effect since November 27, 2009. Following a comparative analysis of the professional qualifications required to practise midwifery in France and Québec, a compensatory measures program was agreed upon to ensure adaptation in the host territory.

The Admissions Committee is the body of the Ordre des sages-femmes du Québec (OSFQ) that studies all the equivalence recognition application files. During its assessment and as part of the MRA, the Committee takes into account the candidates’ additional training and work experience. The OSFQ then renders a decision as to the compensatory measure that the candidate must take to ensure her professional integration into the context of practice in Québec.

The OSFQ would like to inform you that there is currently a waiting period of up to four years between the file assessment and the opportunity to enroll in a program that will enable you to adapt to practice in Québec, as required by the MRA. A cohort just started in september 2017 and the next one is planned for 2019.

Also, please note that you have steps to take with regard to immigration in order to work in Québec. These steps lie outside the OSFQ’s jurisdiction. Consult Immigration-Québec for more information.

Progress of your application and fees

If you want the OSFQ to study your file, you must follow the procedure below.

  1. Review the list of documents required to complete your file (see the document checklist that you must print out, complete and attach to your application file).

Document checklist

  1. Gather all the documents requested in the checklist.
  2. Open and save the Application Form for Equivalence in Midwifery. Once it is open, please fill it out directly on your computer.

Application Form

  1. Once the form is filled out, save it for your records, then print it out and attach it to your file.
  2. Check that the documents in your file meet the document requirements.

Document requirements

  1. Make sure that your file is complete to avoid additional delays.
  1. Send your complete file to us at the address below and be sure to include your payment for the fee to open a file.

Ordre des sages-femmes du Québec
Attention: Admissions Committee
1200, Papineau Avenue, suite 450
Montréal QC  H2K 4R5

Please note that when an equivalence application file is sent to us incomplete, it is kept for one years. If no documents are added during this period, the file is closed.