Ordre des sage-femmes du Québec


I want to get midwife services, how do I proceed ?

You must contact a birth centre or a midwife service to receive these services. No midwife can practise privately in Quebec. If you receive offers for private services, we invite you to bring them to the attention of OSFQ, as they are probably illegal practices.

I want to file a complaint ?

Go to the File a complaint section of our website.

What is the cost of midwife services ?

As long as you are a RAMQ beneficiary, you do not have to pay.

For those who do not have RAMQ coverage, you must contact the birth centres for information on what to do (deposit and insurance).

What is the status of midwife from Quebec according to the RAMQ ?

In Quebec, every midwife participates in the Health Insurance Plan. She practises her profession within the context of the Health Insurance Plan.

I want advice on my pregnancy and on drugs ?

Professionals of the OSFQ do not offer consultations or advice by phone or email. We invite you to consult a health care professional in person or call info-santé 811.

I want to become a midwife ?

Contact or visit the UQTR (Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières) website. This university is the only one that offers the four-year Bachelor program.

I am a foreign midwife and I want to practise in Québec ?

We invite you to visit the Out-of-province graduates section to familiarize yourself with regulations and steps to take.