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Where to Give Birth?

You can choose to give birth at your home, hospital or birth center. Midwives recognize that the choice of labour site is personal and influences the labour process.

Several elements are important to know to guide your choice:

Giving birth at home

As evidenced by the many writings and testimonies on home birth, the reasons given to give birth at home are multiple. Among these, several parents mention the feeling of safety that the mother feels in her own environment, the logical aspect of this choice for anyone who considers childbirth as a natural and natural event of life, the desire to control her environment, the easier participation of other children, respect for the rhythm of childbirth and the continuity of childbirth and the first days of life of the newborn in one and the same place.

Although home birth is a safe choice for healthy women, whose pregnancy is normal, there are still some factors to consider:

Giving birth at a birth center

A birth center is a welcome space for pregnant women and their families, ideal for meeting and exchange. There is a limitation in the number of women who can be followed in a birth center in order to respect the notion of intimacy and to preserve the family and convivial character of this place.

The idea behind a birth center is to recreate an intimate atmosphere allowing you to appropriate the environment in which you will accommodate your child. The delivery takes place in a room offering all the comfort you need: large bed, bath, massage chair, balloon, etc. The necessary equipment and medicines are available at all times.

In most birth centers, giving birth in the water is possible. You should talk with your midwife if it is an option that you are interested in.

Giving birth in a hospital

You may decide to give birth in a hospital with your midwife. All birth centers have agreements with hospitals in their area, so this option can be offered to you.

A room will be allocated to you, but no member of the hospital team will be involved with you unless there is a medical reason leading to a transfer of care. You will not be hospitalized. The midwife uses her own equipment, she works independently. She will seek with you to recreate a space conducive to the smooth running of your delivery. The midwife leaves 3 hours after birth. You have the choice at this time, unless otherwise advised professionally, to be admitted to the hospital or to return to your home where the midwife will carry out postnatal follow-up.