Ordre des sage-femmes du Québec


Ensure protection of the public by monitoring the quality of the midwifery practice through control of admission, continuing education, monitoring of practice quality, complaints handling and a disciplinary process.

Contribute to the development of midwifery in Quebec.

Provide easier access to midwife services throughout Quebec, while respecting freedom of choice of the birthplace.

Promote the naturalness of perinatal period among the public and key players.


Respect, responsibility and accountability, integrity and equity

These values guide and mobilize the OSFQ in fulfilling its mission and orientations.


The OSFQ operates in respect of diversity of opinion and differences.

Responsibility and accountability

The OSFQ fulfills its obligations under the Professional Code, mainly by ensuring supervision of its members, and is accountable of its activities to various authorities, in the short, medium and long term.


Using the Code of Ethics, the OSFQ sets out requirements to make ethics omnipresent in relationships between the midwife and woman, between midwives, and with other members of society.


The OSFQ remains vigilant in treating its members fairly.